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“Gaza was bombarded with 273 airstrikes yesterday (8th July). That’s an average of 11 an hour. Gaza is about 25 miles long and 4 miles wide, with a population of 1.7 million crammed into that tiny space. It is under Israeli occupation and Israeli siege. Hospitals estimate they will run out of resources to treat the wounded in about two days. Electricity is intermittent. Gaza has no army, air force or navy. Israel is the fourth largest military power in the world. Resistance to occupation is allowed under international law. Israel’s occupation, siege and collective punishment of Gaza is not.”

—Palestine Solidarity Campaign UK

-May Allah end their pain and safeguard them always, and grant Jannatul Firdaus to those who have died on this massive attacks. May He give justice to the Muslims, ya Allah we call for your help, forgive the Muslims ya Allah, send out your Help just like how you have helped the Muslims during the battle of Badr!-

Amin Amin Amin

I should reblog this even if reblogging isn’t one my tumblr principles and even if I said that I would stay out without posting for some time because it has to be known.

Akala mo anong drama, sa #happycamp lang pala. Well grabeh ang effort sa promotion. #귱수 #엑소

The many cruelties of the human race and that single goodness of one as seen in #melted by #akmu #akdongmusician

Briton girls on #exo #exo-k and #exo-m #overdose

Oh the accent…oh my gosh ^^

Briton boys reaction to #exo #exo-k and #exo-m #overdose

Oh the accent…

Hi everyone!

I will be away from tumblr for 5 weeks starting today. And inshaallah I’ll be back after that time given.

To each and every person who follows this blog, my deepest and sincerest gratitude goes to all of you. Thank you for thinking that this blog deserves that ‘follow’ button.

Have a blessed day ahead!

- Jehanie ^^

(Scenes from) Roommate Ep 8—Chanyeol’s words of wisdom and when Lee Dong Wook quoted him

We can take each of these experiences as a moment to grow as Chanyeol always says.—Lee Dong Wook

Alam niyo ba na sa Bahasa Indonesia, ang ibig sabihin ng Eh Eh ay magtae or tae.

So, pag-kumakanta ang 2NE1 ng…

Eh eh eh eh eh 2NE1

Parang ang sinabi nila ay

Tae tae tae tae tae 2NE1

Pag kumakanta din si Lady GaGa ng

Nothing else I can say eh eh

Parang sinasabi niya na

Nothing else I can say tae tae

The power of language nga naman, haha… Peace!

Chen’s t-shirt’s print

Chen’s t-shirt’s print