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Maybe I’m really attracted to Korean guys and I don’t even know it.

- Eleanor, Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

Now, now, this sounds like something you hear most of the time in K-Dramaland and K-Popalandia.

During college, there was this thing called an IT fee in our university. This payment is used for supporting the ICT facilities of our university. And as compensation, the university provides every enrolled student a 10 hours stab of internet at the Internet Service Centre (ISC). The problem though in ISC is that social networking sites like facebook and youtube are blocked in there. So to those students who thinks facebook is equals to internet in general don’t have quite a good use of their stab except for google search. But, as for me, since I did know a little about proxy settings, I was able to trespass the blocked settings and go on facebook. And one time when I showed my non-IT major high school friends about it, the only thing they told me was, “you should at least know how to do that since you’re already in 4th year.” Haha… Maybe they thought what I did was some kind of an advanced hacking style when it was just a simple click of here and there. LOL. Maybe I should have also showed them how to get their flash drives be read directly in their unit computers since inserting flash drives are also restricted in the unit computers.

  • Park: What if she didn’t give it back? What if he didn’t get to finish the first issue of Watchmen because he’d lent it to a girl who hadn’t asked for it and probably didn’t even know who Alan Moore was. If she didn’t give it back, they were even. What if she did give it back? What was he supposed to say then? Thanks?
(A Scene from) Roommate Ep 12 - Chanyeol Cheering for Nana
LOL. Chanyeol is doing a traditional Korean dance.

(A Scene from) Roommate Ep 12 - Chanyeol Cheering for Nana

LOL. Chanyeol is doing a traditional Korean dance.

(Scenes from) Roommate Ep 10 - Undergarment CF Model, Chanyeol

Here’s part 2 of my list of thoughts on SBS good Sunday variety show, Roommate. If you want to check part 1, read it here.


- This was written considering episode 6 to 13.

- Again, this is mostly Chanyeol-centred because without Chanyeol I wouldn’t really bother about Roommate.

  1. Lee Dongwook seems to appreciate Chanyeol’s optimism.
  2. If given a chance to work together, I think Park Bom and Chanyeol could be close in a noona-dongsaeng or hoobae-sunbae kind of way. I think they would be proud of knowing each other.
  3. I hope Gayeon was not thinking of the rest of the EXO members when Chanyeol said that most of his friends like her because if he were really referring to EXO members, he would have said “uri member” just like he always do when talking about EXO.
  4. Roommate is not so much realistic. I think Park Bom and Min Woo’s fake dating plan was suggested by the Roommate staff.
  5. Park Bom seems to have gained appreciation towards Chanyeol in an unromantic way.
  6. Again, Roommate is not so much realistic. The movie that was said to be prepared by Chanyeol and Kang Joon during their camping was obviously arranged by the Roommate staff. When Lee Dongwook was having his fit of complaints about what they have showed of him, he was looking at the unseen staff and not at Chanyeol and Kang Joon. Even when Lee Sora complained to Chanyeol, Chanyeol’s reaction was not of someone who made the video. I mean, c’mon, EXO is so busy, how could he have prepared that with Kang Joon?
  7. It was not clearly shown but Chanyeol gave each of the Roommate casts a cap from his collection during that camping thing.
  8. Nana appears to be a little witty. She didn’t immediately fall for Bom and Min Woo’s fake dating scenario and she was quite good with the “play of words” game during their drive to go Bungee jumping.
  9. My prediction of Min Woo getting aboard a new drama has come about. He was casted as the main lead in SBS drama, Modern Farmer.
  10. It has been shown on around three episodes already how Nana expressed his liking towards Kang Joon but the Roommate staff didn’t seem to want to swim around that issue.
  11. I think Nana was uncomfortable about that Balloon Popping game.
  12. Park Bom and Min Woo, despite their fake dating project, were obviously shy around each other.
  13. Even if Chanyeol weren’t a member of the general trend group, EXO, I think he would still be popular to girls even as a normal person.
  14. When it was mentioned that Chanyeol has an older sister, I think many of the viewers of Roommate anticipate to see her. And I think it won’t be long and we’ll be seeing Park Yura (Chanyeol’s noona) visiting the Roommate house.
  15. I agree to Min Woo’s comment, Chanyeol has good focus.
  16. Roommate is good at presenting the cast in their domestic ways like every time Chanyeol is in the show, you don’t really get the feel of how big EXO is in the showbiz industry. P.S. That is not exactly the case when Chanyeol is with EXO in other programs.
  17. Park Min Woo appears to be good at eavesdropping.
  18. I think Chanyeol and Hong So Hyun were the most fooled about the Park Couple project.
  19. I think Kang Joon and Min Woo are the two people who really got close thru this show.
  20. The Roommate staff seems to purposely edit out Chanyeol’s interaction with the female casts especially the one with the younger ones. But even if they don’t do that, with Chanyeol’s personality, I don’t think he will form a love interest with the girls. In fact, all the male casts except Seho seem to be not interested at all about dating anyone in the females.
  21. Seho is obviously trying to make connections in the industry. I don’t know but he seems to be trying hard to be noticed.
  22. Seho should be thankful that Kai and Sehun were very amused with his jokes because I don’t find him funny at all during the entirety of watching Roommate.
  23. It was not seen but it appears that Kang Joon has mentioned that he wants to be close with Chanyeol. Well, the Kang-Yeol Travel Agency was surely an opportunity for the both of them to become close.
  24. When Kang Joon is with Min Woo, Kang Joon acts maturely but when he’s with Chanyeol, his kid-self shows. All thanks to childish Chanyeol.
  25. The way Kang Joon dances is really funny.
  26. Bom and Dara seem to be close with each other.
  27. When Kang Joon and Min Woo did their make-ups, the background music was Real Girl which obviously doesn’t fit the two them. Or are the Roommate staffs trying to be funny with that BGM with Kang Joon and Min Woo?
  28. Min Woo was digging his own grave by letting people choose between him and Kang Joon when it wouldn’t brought up as an issue in the first place if he didn’t start it.
  29. I think Kang Joon is generally a silent type of person.
  30. When the two 5Surprise came to the Roommate house, I thought they were like country bumpkins who visited Seoul for the first time. But the older was the worst one.
  31. Anyway, I’m 80% convinced that the Roommate staff used Luhan’s voice (the anneonghaseyo) for the preview of Episode 8 to mislead the audience that it was EXO’s Xiumin and Luhan. I mean it wasn’t really hard to deceive the audience since the other guy who sang even sounded like Xiumin. I listened to the both anneonghaseyo in Episode 8 Preview and the one in the actual Episode 8 and I think they’re different voices.
  32. The Roommate staffs were good at making the audience anticipate for the wrong things that sometimes wouldn’t even come out in the actual episode. They obviously changed the content of episode 10. I mean, where was the Sherlock Bommes episode? And I thought Baekhyun was visiting in Episode 10?
  33. I hope Park Bom didn’t have to leave the show completely. She seems genuinely happy about meeting other people outside YG.
  34. I thought it would be that entertaining to have Baekhyun in the Roommate house but apparently his visit was a little boring. I think it has a little to do with the editing. Since Roommate is very fond of flashbacks and flash-forwards, I think it would’ve been nice if they had shown how Chanyeol talk about Baekhyun or EXO in general with his co-Roommate casts because he seemed to have talk about him [Baekhyun] or them [EXO] with the way the casts refer to Baekhyun.
  35. Honestly, one of the interesting things that can happen to Roommate is if they put the Park Siblings (Chanyeol and Bom) on a direct interaction. It would have been nice if they could do a Summer OST for the show where Chanyeol raps in the song and Bom, of course, sings in it just like those GD-and-TOP-featuring-Bom-tracks.
  36. The way Roommate prepares an episode is not according to timeline. They prepared it according to a theme. They pick a theme and then edit their footages in view of their chosen theme. Well, here’s a thing for the Roommate staffs, they should do better in selecting theme because Roommate doesn’t seem to enjoy good ratings in Korea.
  37. An advice for the Roommate staff, if they want good ratings, they should push hard to invite the whole of EXO in an episode. Haha…
  38. Chanyeol is obviously very competitive as seen in their mini games in Episode 8.
  39. The Seho and Nana couple thingy feels a little too forced.
  40. But the Bom and Seho interaction is kind of cute and interesting.
  41. Bom can’t act.
  42. Before, I don’t agree about the Chanyeol and Nana couple thingy that some of the viewers pushed so hard but they actually kind of look good together, appearance-wise.
  43. Sora said that it’s impossible to memorize 11 people’s names. But honestly it’s not. I mean you could even memorize all the names of your classmates in high school and even the name of the president of your country. So, how come 11 names are difficult?
  44. Seo Kang Joon is funny and he himself doesn’t know it.
  45. I think the Roommate staffs leave out parts for editing which would’ve been interesting. Honestly, I think they should fix the way they edit the show.

#경수 longest scene in #괜잔아사랑이야 ep 1

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#경수 longest scene in #괜잔아사랑이야 ep 1

#kyungsoo #dokyungsoo #exo #exok #itsokayitslove #itsalrightitslove #d.o. #도경수 #엑소 #디오

Ito na ba ang phase na twilight?

Parang hot pot lang…

Different color, same taste